Rajendra Kumar Bardiya

Mr. Rajendra Kumar Bardiya, 64, the Founder and Chairman of the Group, is the man of vision and commitment. His passion to venture into businesses having sustainable growth and value addition has been acknowledged as leader in all aspects. He started with the business of Gemstones and then diversified into Real Estate and further into Graphite business. He has been a leading player in Gemstones business, trendsetter in Mall concept in the state of Rajasthan.

Mr. Bardiya's success story started with his venture into the Gemstone business in the year 1980 and was well known to be the Front runner for colored stones in the market and creating the trend.

His futuristic vision, coupled with the conceptualization and its execution led him to complete his dream project ''Gaurav Tower'' in the year 1995. Since then 'GT' has been the most iconic project in the history of Jaipur and which has totally changed the Shopping experience of city which not only is the landmark but also the most happening shopping destination of Jaipur.

After GT, he has developed and established retail and commercial destination projects like GT Central, GT Galleria, GT Square and luxurious residential Apartments project 'The Legend'. Far more retail development are at construction stage. All these projects stand proudly as the epitome of eminence in the Pink City and enjoys highly distinguished position.

His track record of making high quality construction, delivering par excellence services with ultramodern amenities ensure most sought after among occupants. With the passage of time Mr. Bardiya focused on exploring new business opportunities and his vision drove him to further diversify into the Mining Sector, which unfolded yet another chapter of success in the history of Bardiya Group. Graphite being the mineral of the future with his far sightedness, he quickly understood the potential of electric cars, Lithium ion batteries and Graphene, he set his foot to become a market leader in this industry.

After lending his sweat and soul to the company, he initiated his sons, Mr. Gaurav and Mr. Vikas Bardiya to join the business who attained there education in Management from the eminent business schools in Leicester and London respectively.

His dedication to the society is highly regarded by all section in the community. Mr. Bardiya is associated with many Social and Business forums like CREDAI, Jewellers Associations, Jain International Trade Organization (JITO), Anuvibha etc.

He firmly believes that "Quality is never realized by chance, and is the result of high integrity, sincere efforts, intelligent decision making, constant evaluation and skillful execution.

is Success Mantra For Life

Chintan, Nirnaya and Kriya

(Deep Think , Decide and Act upon)

Gaurav Bardiya

Mr. Gaurav Bardiya, 37, is a self-reliant and disciplined individual who has been guided by his father's principles and energized by his own personal ambitions to add aspects of glory and success in the repertoire of Bardiya Group. Mr. Gaurav takes pride in belonging to a family of successful leaders and has carved out an indelible repute for himself in this lineage.

Mr. Gaurav went on to attain his Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Leicester, U.K. The exposure of global business practices and lifestyles added new perspectives in his persona. He has been associated with Bardiya Group's state of affairs since 2004. Mr. Gaurav contribution to the group has earned him the respect of his peers and fellow counterparts. Over the years he has created a niche of his own and has greatly magnified the vision of the group.

He plays a catalysing role in maintaining the leadership position in the Real Estate sector and his endeavours has started making its mark in the realms of Retail and Hospitality. Delegated by the group for the vital function of formulating Strategies, Marketing Policies, Legal affairs and Liaison activities; his contribution to the group has been towards strengthening its core. In addition to the aforesaid key responsibilities, Mr. Gaurav also attends to the general management of the group and structures the internal affairs adding the aspects of proactive approach and standardized practices. His accumen to introduce new concept in the retail & hospitality is highly admired by the industry leaders.

Vikas Bardiya

Mr. Vikas Bardiya, 35, is the youngest amongst the Directors of Bardiya group. His understanding for technicalities of the business and his inherent talent to capitalizing on opportunities has made great contribution to the Group.

After Pursing management degree from Regents College, London. He joined the Bardiya Group in 2006. Ever since his active association with the group and its corporate affairs, Mr. Vikas has helped the company in achieving new pinnacles in the active business domains. Mr. Vikas has been playing a vital role in structuring the expansion plans for the group and has been avidly involved in forthcoming the real estate and hospitality projects presented by the group.

His self-appointed aim is to establish vitalize the group and its endeavours towards establishing a leading position in the construction and mining industry. He has been entrusted with the vital function of formulating technical strategies of Construction and Mining industry specifically, in addition to general management and affairs.

Mr. Vikas Bardiya is continuously researching and formalizing novel and innovative Mining technologies. Keeping the overall interests of the group well in sight, he synchronizes the same to achieve the organizational goal.