Bardiya Group

45+ Years of Leadership, Innovation and Impact

Bardiya Group, established in 1978 by the visionary Mr. Rajendra K. Bardiya, initially ventured into the enterprise of Gem Stones, offering approximately a hundred varieties of precious and semi-precious stones. Recognizing the opportunity for decentralization of the city’s retail trade, Mr. Bardiya spearheaded the establishment of “GAURAV TOWER,” Jaipur’s pioneering shopping mall, which marked the city’s entry into the urban domain and significantly contributed to its growth. Today, GT stands as one of the most prominent landmarks of the city.

Following the success of GT, the Group introduced new projects like GT Central, GT Galleria, The Legend, GT Square, and many more. Over time, Mr. Bardiya’s focus on exploring new business avenues led to the Group’s entry into the mining sector. This move unfolded yet another chapter of success with the discovery of graphite deposits, positioning the mineral as essential for the future.

Bardiya Group, led by “Nanomatrix Materials” in scientific innovation and “Empyreal Club” in lifestyle experiences, is dedicated to a sustainable future. Pioneering nanotech solutions and redefining urban living, the Group’s relentless pursuit of growth and excellence promises lasting impact across industries, shaping a visionary legacy on the global stage.


Meet our Directors

Rajendra K. Bardiya

Founder & Chairman

Gaurav Bardiya


Vikas Bardiya




Bardiya Group's journey began with the exploration and appreciation of exquisite gemstones, laying the foundation for our commitment to beauty and rarity.



The iconic Gaurav Tower stands as a testament to our vision of architectural excellence and urban development, enriching the skyline of our city since its inauguration.

Gaurav Tower


Initiating our exploration in 2010, we delved into graphite and precious minerals, laying the groundwork for responsible resource management through detailed study and sustainable extraction practices.



With the establishment of GT Central, we expanded our portfolio into commercial real estate, offering prime spaces for businesses to thrive and prosper in the heart of the city.

GT Central


GT Galleria emerged as a vibrant hub of shopping and entertainment, showcasing our commitment to creating dynamic spaces that cater to the diverse needs of modern consumers.

GT Galleria


The Legend, a residential masterpiece, symbolizes our dedication to creating living spaces that transcend time, offering unparalleled comfort and luxury to homeowners.

The Legend


GT Square redefined retail experiences, providing a modern shopping destination that combines convenience, luxury, and entertainment under one roof.

GT Square


In 2020, our venture into graphene nanotechnology sparked a revolutionary journey, redefining innovation and shaping a future driven by nanoscale engineering.



GT Downtown marked our foray into mixed-use developments, integrating commercial, and recreational spaces to foster vibrant urban communities.

GT Downtown


Anticipated to be a pinnacle of architectural innovation, GT Landmark promises to redefine city skylines and set new benchmarks in urban living upon its completion in 2024.

GT Landmark (2024 Upcoming)


Scheduled for launch in 2024, Empyreal Club aims to offer an exclusive haven of relaxation and leisure, epitomizing luxury living and personalized service.

Empyreal Club (2024 Upcoming)


GT South City, slated for development in 2028, will expand our presence and vision into new territories, shaping communities and enriching lives with our signature blend of innovation and excellence.

GT South City (2026 Upcoming))