Bardiya Group

Graphite & Precious Metals

The mining division of our group possesses multiple Mineral Concessions and is presently focused on exploring Graphite and other valuable metals such as Gold in Tanzania and India. Among these concessions, one holds a substantial reserve of Gold, while another boasts one of the largest deposits of Crystalline Coarse Flake Graphite. Our group aims to enhance the development of these deposits and establish a beneficiation plant and refinery unit.

Powering EV Revolution

Graphite Mining

Graphite, hailed as the mineral of the future, finds extensive utility in Electric Vehicles, Graphene and Expandable Graphite, featuring in numerous applications across various industries.

Largest Graphite Ore Deposit

Discover the immense potential of our vast graphite ore deposit, among the largest globally, fueling innovation and progress in various industries.

Greener Future

Pioneering eco-conscious mining practices, we're shaping a sustainable future while extracting essential resources for global progress.

Sustainable Plan

Our sustainable production plan ensures responsible utilization of resources, minimizing environmental impact while maximizing efficiency and longevity.


With resources scalable up to an unprecedented
350 million tons, we're poised to meet the growing demand for graphite sustainably and reliably.

EV Battery

Delivering excellence in every cell, our graphite sets the standard for EV battery quality, empowering cleaner and more efficient transportation solutions.

Expandable Graphite

From cutting-edge technologies to everyday applications, our expandable graphite stands as a benchmark for quality and performance, driving innovation across industries.


Electric Cars

Battery Anode with Graphite
26 % Annual Growth

Li-ion Batteries

Anode with Graphite
19.3 % Annual Growth

Expandable Graphite

Halogen Free Flame Retardant Agents with
Graphite, 15 % Annual Growth


Anti-High Heat Resistance Substances,
4.5 % Annual Growth


With Graphite for Increasing Heat Resistance 3.5% Annual Growth

Sealing Gaskets

EDPM Rubber mix with Graphite
6.38 % Annual Growth


98% Graphite sheet with Thermal & Electrical Conductivity,
4 % Annual Growth


Carbon Fiber
6.2 % Annual Growth