Bardiya Group

Unveiling the World's Treasures

The inception of Bardiya Group traces back to its roots in the gemstone industry. The conglomerate specializes in a wide array of over 400 distinct precious and semi-precious colored stones including, but not limited to ruby, feldspars in various hues, chrysoprase, blue sapphire, tourmaline, garnet, quartz, jaspers, agates, and labradorite. These gemstones are sourced from diverse locations across the globe, such as Africa, Madagascar and Brazil.

Where rough gemstones meet expertise


Bardiya Trading Corporation is your gateway to the world of raw gemstones, where each stone tells a unique story of nature's artistry. With a dedication to authenticity and integrity, we bring the beauty of raw stones from the earth to your collection.

At Bardiya Trading Corporation, we’re passionate about the raw, uncut beauty of gemstones. Our collection features a diverse array of rough gems, sourced from various corners of the globe. From uncut diamonds and raw rubies to unpolished garnets and tourmalines, each gemstone in our selection boasts its own distinctive allure.

With a steadfast dedication to quality and authenticity, we carefully curate our rough gemstones to ensure that only the finest specimens make it into our collection. Whether you’re a lapidary artist seeking inspiration or a collector on the hunt for a unique addition to your treasure trove, you can trust that our rough gems meet the highest standards of excellence.

The Group has also set up a plant for manufacturing re-constructed Synthetic Stones such as Turquoise, Malachite, Lapis, Coral amber, and many more different colors.

The company’s research & development team has also developed an inimitable technique through which the transparency in these Reconstituted Stones can be brought out and matched with the shine that is seen in the natural stones.

Rose Quartz